Not Just Any Old Citrus

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Have you seen a pommelo, honeybell, star fruit, blood orange, cara cara, meyer or pink lemon in your grocery store lately? If not, BOLO (be on the lookout)! The world of citrus fruits continues to flourish.

Native to Southeast Asia, now grown in Florida, this grapefruit relative hold the title of largest citrus fruit. Pomelos have a think yellow skin with white, juicy flesh. Try a Vietnamese Pomelo Salad or Recipe Bridge’s link to a variety of pomelo recipes.

Last week at the Farmers Market, our produce vendors highlighted their honeybells. A hybrid of a mandarin orange (tangerine) and a pomelo, the fruit resembles a juicy orange with a tangerine flavor. Try refreshing honeybell sherbet or Honeybell Ginger Marmalade.

Blood oranges and Cara Cara oranges have typical orange exteriors. Blood oranges surprises the consumer with a deep red flesh and Cara Cara shows off a pink similar to pink grapefruits. Their seasons are short; when you see them, buy them! These citrus varieties spice up your presentation as well as perking up your tastebuds. Experiment with these blood orange recipes and these Cara Cara recipes.

Star Fruit, or Carambola grows easily here in South Florida. Mostly seen as sliced stars on a plate, carambolas have a greenish yellow waxy skin, and range from sour to sweet in taste. Star fruits shine in salads, condiments, desserts and even main courses.

Meyer Lemons, in picture perfect sunny yellow, is a cross between a mandarin orange and a lemon. Thin skinned and juicy, peel extra zest and squeeze extra juice to put in your freezer when their season passes.

A few years ago, I saw a tag on a citrus sapling stating which read pink lemon. Huh? I asked the Farmers Market vendor and he said yes, there are pink lemons. Called the lemonade tree, the plant does not bear many fruits, however the harvest contains variegated green striped fruit. I’ve only had 2 so far and their juice made my mouth pucker. Hopefully, as the years pass, the fruit will sweeten.

Take advantage of peak citrus season and expand your horizons.

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